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If you watch any spy film, chances are that at some point there will be a scene in a casino. Perhaps the hero and the evil boss will play a poker game and there will be tension, drama and a sense of foreshadowing that a great and epic battle is about to occur between these two mammoth egos.

If you go to an actual casino though, chances are that this is not the scene you will be presented with. There will be a couple of drunks in the corner, someone lazily making a pass at the blonde croupier on the roulette table. The poker game will be stilted and everyone is just waiting for the evening to be over.

Why put yourself through that? You will find some of the most advanced and up to date poker game software available, and what’s more, there aren't any drunks waiting next to your table. That is one of the great things about the online poker game compared to the land based variety; you will only be dealing with the people you want to deal with. The people who are in for a serious poker game will be ready to play, and those who don't want to play will stay away.

It's a tough choice for many beginners. There is the risk of going to a real, land based poker game and finding out that it's not the game for them. Or trying the online variety where they worry that pros will be hiding out waiting to take all their chips. There is also a range of play money tables too. So you can get in a couple of hands on a poker game, and make sure it's the game for you before you commit with a deposit.

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