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Using Judgment to Get out of Sticky Poker Situations

In poker, every game works on its own unique dynamics. There is a natural way that the game would build and transpire. While it useful to talk to different people read and experience different situations it is also important to understand the underlying dynamics of that situation. In a game of poker it is not uncommon that one player would continuously loose to another one for plenty of reasons. The one who wins might be getting better cards or the loosing player might be making constant mistakes because of which he would be loosing.

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Take an example, if in a tournament your first hand wins a sizeable amount when you have an A J and the flop reveals two clubs. You let your opponent chase you right till the river and then you check and give him the chance to bluff at the hand when he does not get the flush. You win on a jack flop high with you’re a J. in the next hand you go from an early position on your J 10 suited to calling on a late position raise. The flop reveals Q 9 2 giving you an open ended straight draw. You might be quite confident that your opponent has a medium pocket pair so you check to gauge his reaction. On the turn another 9 is revealed. You check again with an intention to check raise later. Your opponent makes a sizeable bet and you call instead of raising. The river brings a blank and instead of firing out you again just check. Of course, in this situation you would be quite a weak player if you did this but you never know on the initial stages if your opponent would have folded or not.

Be attentive


Again, if you play well at the later stages, even after a crucial mistake like the one above you would be able to win the hand. But you never know when at a tournament you might come across the same player again on a higher table. And sometimes the first impression you make would last forever. Take another example, if after that earlier hand you are again playing against the same player with an A 9 and the flop comes to 8 8 Q. You check and the opponent places a tiny bet, which is only a sign of a strong hand. You in this case raise to a very high hand. He calls and the card 8 is revealed on the turn. You check again and so does your opponent. You make your opponent believe that you have an 8 and on the river there is a blank. You are sure that your opponent knew that you had an 8 so you think of your options and finally place a very huge bet, only a bit short than going all in. Your opponent also checks.


When the cards are revealed he shows his pocket queens and takes away the pot and he only did that because he couldn’t fold his hand and he had money to do it. This only goes to show that sometimes an early mistake can haunt you late. Sometimes what happens early on in a game would affect your judgment and this would in turn affect how you play the game later.


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