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Playing Strongly on a Strong Draw

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With only a draw it can be sometimes a smart move to play a strong hand, if it seems that the draw is strong enough and a favorite which high chances to win even after all the remaining cards are dealt. A perfect situation would be when you have a chance to make a straight flush draw on the flop. To take an example if you have a 7 8 of hearts and the first three cards that are dealt on the board are 9 10 of hearts and a different third card. If you get either a 6 or a J you can make a straight and if there is any other hearts card you can make a flush. This gives you an edge over the other players and a chance to win with still two more cards to come. After learning all htese rules it is a good idea to place on website. There you can not only try your luck, but also consolidate your knowledge.

How to apply the principle

In a stud eight or better the high hand and the low hand split the pot. In such a game the best low hand would be A 2 3 4 5 since straight is not taken into consideration while determining the low. You can even win the high and the low with such a hand which is also known as the wheel. Take an example where you are dealt a starting hand of A 2 4 of clubs and you called the opening bet. There are plenty of other players that are still playing and you are dealt the 6 of clubs on the fourth street. One of the players puts in a bet and the two other players call the bet.

There are still only four cards out there and three more are yet to come so there would still be a lot of doubt about the final outcome of the game but with a starting hand of four card A 2 4 6 you would be a major favorite to make a win, either high or low or even both. There are still three others players in the game and you raise the bet. The other player re raises and the rest of the players call and when it comes to you, you re raise the bet again. You get a card that is useless on the fifth street but you continue to bet since there are two more cards to be dealt. You get a 3 of clubs on the sixth street and you keep betting. On the last card you make a flush and you keep raising the pot.

When the cards are shown another player has a higher flush and although you would still win the lower half of the pot you still did not have the best hand. This example shows that a player can be behind at the start of the hand but can become a favorite by the time all cards are dealt. This all can be applyed while playing online tournaments at Paddy Power casino or casino online.

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