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The Three Main Foundations of Betting - Cunning, Fraud and Flight

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For winning money in the game of poker, it is important to reveal the best hand to earn money. Poker contenders generally concentrate on the selection of hand to win the game. Cunning, fraud and flight are some of the common aspects that the winners often use when they get poor hand.


It is not always about winning pots in the game of poker. Players who are just learning poker, would find it difficult to become expert to manipulate pot size. Take an example, suppose X wins 8 bets in a particular pot regularly while placing only 3 at risk and Y wins 6 bets regularly in that pot while risking 3 bets. It is evident that the performance of XXXXXXXXX is better than Y.


Dealmaking is one of the primary skills of cunning. It also involves various selections such as table, seat, time and game along with projection of image. It also entails calming other players and conducting certain strategies like separating the betting against few opponents.


Fraud: If you want to win without a good hand then bluffing is the best technique. One can misdirect his opponents in every move of the game and force them to play as they want.

Here misdirection does not only signify simply bluffing your opponents. Successful misguidance of the other players will make them behave as you want in the game. A thoughtful player should always take part in the constant fraud with the opponents, so that he can utilize its advantages..


Flight: Out of the four poker actions, the most significant one is fold. It is for the reason that the winning secret of poker is the art of playing the losing hands. Players generally want to become winners and in the course they forget the importance of knowing what is to be done when you have a weaker hand rather then knowing what we need to do in the hand that we know we will win.

The quality of player can be ascertained by folding. Importance of folding is the basic aspect of the poker and all the players must do it rarely. It is rare to notice a big lay down. Most of the time fold takes place when a player doesn’t win the hand.

The time to quit is another vital decision and for that mastering the skills of flight is essential.  However, "best of it" is habitually vague, which is a hard thing to properly review.

Trying to reduce losses can provide more benefit to the player rather than trying to enhance profits. This is simply because of the fact that there are various opportunities for minimizing. In spite of that, players often make the same mistake of building strategies to increase profits rather than reducing losses.


Poker is an unlimited ditch of choices and proceedings with monetary implications. The game is related to what you bet and how much you bet. Choosing the right amount and the right time to bet is more important. It does not matter from where the bets are taken, a sensible lay down in a hand afterwards, manipulation of pot, refining and misleading fellow players, more observant, etc are some of the vital things that makes you a profitable poker.

Thus it’s rightly said that cunning, fraud and flight helps to make more money..

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